The Golden Gate Bridge


Below are video downloads that illustrate various structure loads.

Video 1:

Golden Gate Bridge during an earthquake
This video clip shows the Golden Gate Bridge during an earthquake. Have a look at how flexible this structure really is.. (include sound)

Running Time: 17 seconds
Size: 637 KB
Format: .mov


Video 2:

External and internal views of SFO
The new San Francisco International Airport can be seen swaying to the forces of 'Mother Nature' in this video clip.

Running Time: 20 seconds
Size: 970 KB
Format: .mov


Video 3:

Reactive forces of cars crossing a span
In this short clip, two cars cross the span from opposite directions. The reactive forces can be seen acting on the span as the cars complete the crossing.

Download: Brasil-3D-15_V9xx(Adv).avi
Running Time: 4 seconds
Size: 87.1 MB
Format: .avi