The Golden Gate Bridge

WHO WE ARE - Structural Engineers


The Structural Engineers Association of Northern California (SEAONC) is pleased to bring to the citizens of the San Francisco Bay Area--and others--useful tips on how to strengthen their homes, offices, schools, churches and other structures to resist earthquakes. This is part of our gift to the San Francisco Bay Area as we look back and commemorate our past 100 years of history--since the Great 1906 San Francisco Earthquake--and plan for our future.

Our historical and new buildings in the San Francisco Bay Area are world renowned. We, the Structural Engineers who help design this built environment, are proud of the role we play in strengthening our beautiful structures--the Golden Gate Bridge and the Transamerica Building and our great inventory of historical and new buildings--to resist earthquakes.

We at SEAONC will be "Celebrating EQ Safety" over the next several months. So visit our site often to read relevant and up-to-date information on why earthquakes happen; why some buildings fail during an earthquake while others don't; how structural engineers study earthquakes and develop new buildings codes and standards; and what individuals can do to protect themselves and their environment before, during and after an earthquake.

About Structural Engineers
Structural Engineers design and evaluate the behavior of buildings for all kinds of loadings, including live loadings such as people and furniture, as well as lateral loadings due to wind and . . .

As a group, Structural Engineers in Northern California are among the most innovative and qualified engineers practicing earthquake engineering anywhere in the world . . .

Some of our Icons
Some of the most prominent Structural Engineers in Northern California’s history have contributed greatly to public policy and the physical landscape . . .